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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Melodic Deliverance

There’s a lullaby that sweeps across the desert within,
And each note played is peace,
Every bar sung is tranquil and sweet,
And as fingers tap on the keys of grace,
The ghosts inside wither and die.

There’s a ballad that floods the city within.
And each note played is love,
Every lyric is powerful and deep,
And as two voices unite in truthful harmony,
The giants inside shriek and shrink.

There’s an anthem that charges across the forest within,
And each note played is hope,
Every string plucked is electric and charged,
And as horns trumpet resounding triumph,
The wolves inside bow their heads and weep.

Sing with me now.

Close your eyes,
Until you see glowing spots.
And sing with me.

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