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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Thousand Suburbs in Search of a City

Limbs stinging, blue, and sore.
Stench lingering,
An untamed, unnoticed passenger.
The earth beneath lengthy, unkempt fingernails,
Is a crusty, dog-eared manicure,
Worn with pride. Worn with abandon.
Moth and mice eaten clothes,
A uniform for the forgotten.
The invisible.
Dead to some.
A ghost to most.

The stars shine only for one: the light thief.
Sweet perfume,
Emanates and stings the senses.
Fake, false, all forged from an image,
Tainted beauty and distorted splendor.
Please, don’t stop and smell the poisonous flowers.
Fine fabrics and finer smiles,
Teeth too white. Eyes too bright.
Steal the night.
Stole your light.

A red dot in a field of black.
All alone,
Hands and soul grasping.
A breath is nothing unless its heard,
A heart beat worth even less.
Lonely and tired, tired of being lonely.
The veins in your eyes,
Crimson, cruel, crooked strings.
The broken.

Be known.

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